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Maths this year 2021-22

Maths Week 2021(8th Nov - 12th Nov)!!

We have had a fun Maths week - doing Active Maths and exploring Maths in different contexts through the week in each class.  Lunchtimes have been amazing with our as ever- enthusiastic Maths Ambassadors running different Maths related pop-up clubs during lunchtimes of each day of the week.  We had Natural art, Hopscotch, Lines and Boxes, Maths Puzzle and Noughts and Crosses clubs run by Isobel, Ruby, Mollie, Zachary, Thomas, Freya, Jemima and Olivia.

Here are pictures of children enjoying Active Maths sessions and the pop-up clubs during the week.

Maths in Art and Poetry - brought in by children!!

Autumn 2 Maths Challenge!!

Explore Maths in Art and Poetry


Mathematics and art intersect in our world in beautiful ways. Many mathematicians draw upon art and many artists draw upon mathematics. When mathematics and art come together, students are often inspired and they can start to see mathematics as a beautiful and creative subject. Poetry is also very mathematical and filled with rich patterns.

For this half term, you have a choice of 4 activities.  You can choose to do as many as you want to or just do one and you can start bringing in your work as you complete it. 


Here are the 4 challenges to choose from!

Maths Challenge for Autumn 1st half term


Maths in Summer term


There has been a real buzz for Maths at Great Hockham this Summer term. 

Our Maths Ambassadors are a great team of children, who not just enjoy doing Maths but have been super fantastic at inspiring other children with their love and passion for the subject.  Through the year, they have been setting challenges each term for the whole school to participate but the second half term of Summer they have done something exceptional!!

They have given up a lot of their lunch play time to make Number blocks which has created an excitement in school – Rabbits and Owl class children not only have been looking out for these Number Blocks, but the mathematical conversations that adults have heard in the school corridor are just amazing!! (Eg:  Jack Firman (Year 1) looked at Number Block 2 and said you need 98 more to make a 100 – this is just one example).  Well done to all Maths Ambassadors who set this up.

Five of our Maths Ambassadors have done something inspirational for the whole school - Jemima, Olivia, Isobel, Freya and Mollie!!  These five children wanted to set some exciting, fun and challenging Maths activities for the whole school and they did all the planning in their own time.  Mollie, Freya and Isobel organised a Sudoku pop-up club for those who wanted to learn how to do Sudoku.

Jemima and Olivia created a Maths trail for Rabbit class children on Number bonds, a Bingo session with Year 2s on doubling (standing outside their bubble), Mathematical art with Year 1s, times tables quiz for Deer class and a Maths quiz for Hedgehogs on Algebra – all of these in their playtime.  I am so proud of these five children for their dedication, determination, and their willingness to inspire others to love Maths.


Maths Challenge for Spring and Summer term


Hockham Maths Ambassadors have set up three Maths challenges for every child to have a go during this term.   

Challenge 1: 

Challenge 2:

Try any or all of the activities below.  Click on the link below to find out what each activity is. 

Sort the Street(Age 5-7)

Sort the Street (

Three Ball Line up(Age:5-7)

Three Ball Line Up (

Creating Squares (Age:7-11)

Creating Squares |


Challenge 3

If you attempt any of these, then please do take a picture of your completed work or a recording of your song and email it to Mrs Radhamma. (

An example of Challenge 3 by Olivia!

Still image for this video

An example of Challenge 3 by Olivia!

Still image for this video

Liam's attempt with Challenge 3!!

Still image for this video
Great effort from Liam from Rabbit class, who is only 3 years old!!

Challenge 3 Entries!

Still image for this video

Challenge 1 - Entries!!

Parents Maths Cafe invitation

Activity set by Maths Ambassadors:


Over the half term holidays, we want you to look out for how and where Maths is used around us with your child.  If you can take pictures of how your child is using Maths outside school or has seen Maths being used beyond the classroom, please email it to Mrs Radhamma, who can then share it on our school website.


Autumn Term Maths Challenge

Our Maths Ambassadors have come up with a Maths/art whole school activity for every child to participate.  Please click on the link below to find out what the activity is. 

Straight to Curves

If you attempt this, then please do take a picture of your completed work and email it to Mrs Radhamma. (

Maths Challenge for Autumn term: Straight to Curves (set by Maths Ambassadors)