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Maths Calculation Videos

To help parents know and understand the strategies that our children are using in school and to support our children and parents in being able to work together to complete homework tasks, we have compiled a sequence of maths videos which demonstrate the strategies that our children use daily in school. 


Each video is designed to support both parents and children by demonstrating the strategies at each stage of your children’s development. 

They provide a clear explanation of the step-by-step processes children go through when completing the calculations. 


The strategies are clearly demonstrated by our children and are also described by them using the language and vocabulary that they use in class. 

We hope that the videos support you and your child in developing your understanding of the strategies we use. We hope they also help you to understand and complete any homework tasks together. If you have any feedback in relation to the videos or would like further support, please do not hesitate to contact us

Subitising Numbers!

One of the key skills we want children to learn, starting from Early Years is to be able to subitise numbers.

Can your child say how many objects/counters/fingers there are without actually counting them?  A best place to start would be to get your child to recognise how many fingers, you are holding up!  As they begin to do this more confidently, children are doing addition and subtraction calculations without them knowing it. For example: when you hold up 8 fingers and children are able to say it is 8, they are then beginning their journey of also understanding

5 +3 =8,

3 +5 = 8,

8 -3 =5 and

8 - 5 =3.

Here's our keen Mathematician from Reception class modelling this!

Still image for this video

Fluency in Key Stage 1

KS1 Addition and Subtraction facts to be mastered!


Here are some of the representations that your child/children will be familiar with.  If you wish to support their learning at home, you can click on the ones you want and print.