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Who's Who

Meet our staff team.




Head Teacher 


Mrs L. Hazard


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs C. Fowler (Hedgehog Class)  
Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead  
Office ManagerMrs G. Pavey  



Miss G. Wade


Class Teachers


Miss M. Milton (Rabbit Class)


Miss G. Wade (Owl Class)


Miss S. House (Deer Class)


Mrs M. Ambrose (Hedgehog Class)



Teaching Assistants  
Mrs L. Shiplee (Rabbit Class and Nurture lead)  
Mrs V. Sercombe (Rabbit Class 1:1 Learning Support Assistant)  
Mrs A. Beatson (Owl Class)  
Miss J. Duffield (Deer Class)  
Miss E. Gaskin (Hedgehog Class 1:1 Learning Support Assistant)  

Mrs J. Hayes (Hedgehog, Rabbit and Owl Class)

Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead






Mrs D. Cross 

Mrs J. Hayes

Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead

Kitchen staff / Midday Supervisory Assistants 
Mrs J. Halls 
Ms V. Sercombe 
Mr N. Bates 
Miss E. Gaskin 
Mrs R. Ward 
Early Birds Drop Off Club  

Miss E. Gaskin

Mrs R. Ward