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Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class! 2023 - 2024

Class Teacher - Miss House

Teaching Assistant - Miss Duffield

Welcome to Deer Class 2023 - 2024! We are very much looking forward to this academic Year and seeing what fantastic learning the children will be doing throughout the year. You will be able to access your child's half termly homework menu, curriculum map and view the class weekly timetable. Enjoy! 

Spring Homework - Super homework on 'What was life like in the 60's?'

Digestive System Animation

Still image for this video
Check out this animation on the digestive system! We created the background in art and then used the ipad to create a frame by frame animation. This animation shows food travelling down the oesophagus.

Autumn Homework - Such amazing homework projects! Our big question: Why are rainforests so wet and deserts so dry?

Welcome to Deer Class! 2022 - 2023


Welcome to Deer Class 2022! We are very much looking forward to this academic year and can't wait to see all the wonderful learning the children will be doing. Keep an eye on this page to see what we've been up to in class.


Miss House  Mrs Beatson  

2022/2023 - Deer Class Weekly Timetable

Spring 1 - The Queen of Iceni - Homework Gallery

Spring 1 - Science - Measuring Friction

Autumn 2 - Catapults - DT

Autumn 2 - Science - Sound

Autumn 1 - Science - States of Matter

Welcome to Deer Class! 2021-2022


Deer class are the Year 3 and 4 children of the school.  We are the Determined Deers and love learning.  Some of the Year 4s are Maths Ambassadors and few Year 3s and 4s are ICT Ambassadors who inspire and create a passion for these two subjects across the school.   

These are the key years to embed our learning from KS1 and set the foundations for the rest of our primary school career.

As with the other classes we focus on English and Maths in the mornings - along with developing our love of reading; then develop our understanding of other curriculum areas during the afternoons.

Summer - LEGO Wedo - Dancing Birds

Spring 1 Weekly Timetable

Happy New Year Deer Class!


We are looking forward to seeing you all and kickstarting our Spring term with some exciting topics this year.


Please remember that all weekly Spellings and Maths Fluency Homework will be uploaded to our Deer Class Teams in the Assignments section.


My email is below should you need to contact me at any point.


See you soon!


Miss House and Mrs Beatson




Hello Deer Class children,


Welcome to our Deer class webpage 2021!


Welcoming you all into school this week has been wonderful, we are so proud to see how you have all embraced the little changes in our learning environment and how you have enjoyed being back in class. We are so excited to see you all progress and transform throughout this academic year and we look forward to being a part of that journey.


We will regularly update this page so you can share with your parents what you have been up to in class.



Miss House, Mrs Radhamma and Mrs Beatson


Below are our email ids if parents want to get in touch:

Miss H -

Mrs R  -

Maths in all profession!

A big thank you to all the parents who spoke to Deer class children(via Zoom) and to those parents who chose to send a self recorded video on how Maths is used in their profession .  This was a really useful session for children to see how Maths is used in a variety of fields.

Deer class were also lucky to hear from Jason Joykutty (a final year Maths PhD student from Cambridge University) on his research and how he uses Maths.

Bollywood Dance performed by Deer class girls

Still image for this video
This half term, a few of Deer class girls have enjoyed learning Bollywood Dance and performed to the rest of the school in July!!

Summer term project

Our topic for this term is ‘New World’

This project was based on why was there a need for a new world in Noah’s ark story and in ‘Matsya avatar’ story from Hinduism.
Children started this topic discussing if there would be a need to move to a new world in the current day situation and if so what are the reasons for this. They identified quite a few reasons such as war between countries, theft, racism, drugs and bullying. This led to an exciting project on taking Deer class children on a journey to a new world but for this they had to persuade Mrs Radhamma and Mrs Beatson with their persuasive text on why they should be taken and how their profession(children had to choose a profession they would do in the new world and pretend that they are in their late 20s for this) would be useful in the new world.  This project gave children plenty of speaking and listening opportunities along with research and presentation skills.  Children also researched more into their profession and gave the class a subject knowledge information session on their specialism. 

By the end of this session children were impressed with the amount of information they had learnt from their peers starting from 'where does cotton come from?' to 'what is crop rotation?' and 'how does orthopedic surgeons help with bone injury?'

Children dressed up in their new profession and persuading us!!

Our ICT Drumming Monkeys - linked to DT, ICT, Art, Maths, Music, Literacy and Science!

Still image for this video

Timetable during Lockdown

Home Learning Gallery Spring 2021

Deer Christmas.wmv

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Hello Deer Class children,

Welcome back to our new academic year!   It has been an excellent first week back to see how you have all embraced the little changes in our learning environment and have enjoyed and loved learning.  You are inspirational to one another and to yourself.

Below are the links to find out what we will be learning this term, your choice of homework and a gallery to share your homework.  Please email your homework to Mrs Radhamma and Mrs Garrod which we can share on this page.

Our email ids are:

Mrs G -

Mrs R -


From Mrs Radhamma, Mrs Garrod and Mrs Beatson

Astrophysics? No problem!


Today (10th Nov), Deer class had a virtual meeting with Dr Mark Gallaway - an Astrophysicist and Science Communicator. Jemima had asked a question during a science lesson which Mrs G didn't know the answer to.: "Is a bubble a solid or a liquid?"

Mrs Fowler offered the class a meeting with a scientist to answer the question.


First, Dr Gallaway explained what his job is, what astrophysics is and how bad scientists are at naming things - they have a telescope called "The Extremely Big Telescope."


Then Dr Mark explained that a bubble is actually a fluid. A fluid is anything that flows! A bubble forms because something wants to be as small as possible but the air pushes back. The smallest shape is a sphere. However, not all bubbles are spheres and Dr. Mark made a tetrahedron shaped bubble and a cube shaped bubble. 

We also learned that there are lots of bubbles in space and there is a Bubble Nebula which we looked at. 


The class had lots more questions including:

How many states of matter are there?       There are 20!

Will the Earth ever collide with the moon?   No - it's moving away from Earth about 3cm a year.

When will the Earth get hit by a meteor?   It gets hit every single day by small ones and the mass of the Earth increases by 2000 tonnes every year as a result.


We really enjoyed our meeting with Dr Gallaway and hope to have more questions for him soon.

Welcome back letter to Parents - Autumn 2020