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Caterpillars to chrysalises

Caterpillar moving.

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Watch how the caterpillar moves its back feet first then each segment along its body.

This week I found 5 poplar hawk moth caterpillars eating leaves on an apple tree. I’ve got them in a butterfly net cage and I’m hoping to watch them turn into chrysalises and then emerge as Poplar hawk moths. 

This week I had a go at making a corn dolly - a plaited set of corn stalks. Ask a local farmer if you can have a few stalks from the very edge of the field and have a go at creating a corn dolly. These were used as part of the traditional harvest celebrations in years gone past. 

A daily activity to complete.

This week we are looking for butterflies and moths. Can you snap any photos of some? 🦋

Butterflies we have seen...

30 Days Wild

This year the Wildlife Trust is running their 30 Days Wild for June again. Each day has a new wildlife challenge to try. 
I will put the challenges each day.

Mrs G

Some nature poetry...

30th June - the last day!

29th June - make a local wildlife map

28th June - pick up some litter

27th June - make a mini raft

26th June - hunt for spiders

25th June - look for wild flowers

24th June - take a photo of your favourite outdoor place

23rd June

22nd June

21st June

See if you can find any feathers on your wanders today. These two are from a buzzard and one of our turkeys. They look quite similar don’t they? If you find any - email me and we will try and identify them for you. 

20th June

19th June

18th June

Photos from Forest school June 16th

Useful free app - helps id plants and flowers accurately and quickly

15th June

14th June

13th June

12th June

11th June

10th June

9th June

8th June

Outdoor nature quest Gallery

7th June

6th June

5th June

Today is Litter Pick Day. Lots of communities are having a litter pick today (5th June) as part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. Mrs Fowler and I did a litter pick on Cromer beach in the rain yesterday - two minutes and lots of plastic! How much litter can you tidy? Don’t forget to wear gloves and ask a grown up to help with anything sharp. 

4th June

3rd June

2nd June

2nd June 

Today’s challenge is to find a creepy crawly! Don’t forget to email me any photos you take 😊

1st June

Signs of spring


Mrs Hall, on her daily message this morning, talked about seeing the crocuses and signs of spring. I was out in the school grounds today planting some fruit trees we were given. There are two cherry trees now near the front gate and two plums in Rabbits outdoor area. 
Whilst I was outside I took Mrs Halls’ advice and looked for signs of spring. I found lots more than I expected. I’ve put some photos of the flowers and blossom below. 
If you have any photos of signs of spring which you have seen please email them to me at Deer1. 

Signs of spring 2021

The discovery of the yetis

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More yetis

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Yet more yetis

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You can sign up to take part in the bird watch, as well as do many different activities.

One of the activities is to see which garden bird you are most like. I am most like a house sparrow!